Wednesday, May 30, 2007

God's Answer

As we begin the English clubs, God gave me a promise:

16 “In that coming day,” says the Lord, “you will call me ‘my husband’ instead
of ‘my master.' 17 O Israel, I will cause you to forget your images of Baal;
even their names will no longer be spoken. (Hosea 2.16-17)

I have been praying that God would replace the idols that the students have with his name: my husband. Well, last night at 1am, Marcos repented and asked Jesus to lead him. He & his wife are from Brazil (but have been living in London till 3 months ago). They knew of Jesus, but now he knows Him. Svemi is close. She is going thru a tough period. Pray for them to get rooted into God's love for them. Pray that they would be able to boast in the fact that "they are the ones the Lord loves!" Pray also for her sister (age 14) Anna who is without a dad and is really hurting here.

Love you cats. Pictured (left to right) Shawna, Charlie, Marcos, Suemi, Anthony & Nikki!

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