Monday, October 1, 2007

Siena was a flower girl

Hello everyone! We have had a very eventful couple of weeks. Anthony went to Germany and the night before he left Siena had a fever and woke up every hour on the hour all night long. The next day it was Nik's turn to get it and then Sammy and then Anthony. I (Nik) spent two days locked up in the house with the kids and I think we watched every movie that we own. I now have Cars and Madagascar memorized!
Thankfully that passed and we could look forward to the day Siena got to be the flower girl princess in the wedding of the very first couple ever to get married from our church. It was so precious to see how Siena looked forward to wearing her princess dress. She almost didn't walk down the aisle, but, in the end, I handed her off to a friend and ran down to the front to receive her. She did awesome! Here are some pics of her.

Siena also has a favorite new game...Ring Around the Rosies. Here is a cute little video of Siena and Daddy playing in the kitchen after dinner. She loves playing with Daddy!