Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Outreach

So...this is my first blog ever. "Woohoo!" as Siena would say. This is just my first attempt to highlight what's going on in Torino to those who are closest to Nikki and I.

Last Friday night we were set to host 30-50 students in an evening of praise and celebration of what God has done in our lives (annual thanksgiving feast) and instead we couldn't find anywhere to sit. There were over 73 students crammed into Il Rifugio. Ones of the greatest joys was that the students planned the gathering. They invited their friends, they planned the venue and they set up and tore down the space (even cleaning all the dishes from the evening-esp. the men!!!)

Attached are some of the photos of the night and a special photo of the "Alla Scoperta" group that Nikki, I, Checco and Maurizio are leading together. Of course there's the Sweets, she slept up in daddy's office while the evening proceeded. That is she and BAA BAA! They are inseparable.

One last highlight is of Aida, a thirteen year old member of Christ the Rock, who invited her friend Anita and Anita's mom to the gathering. Aida is quickly growing up in Jesus and wants to share this love with all she knows. It was a joy seeing her participate in "bringing her friends to Jesus." She reminds me a lot of Matthew's outreach (Luke 5.27ff).