Saturday, May 9, 2009

Asher 6 weeks

Here's our boy!  We hope that you enjoy these wonderful photos from an amateur photographer (that's me, Nikki).  Sorry about the delay.  He's our third!  It is true what they say.
Asher is such a delight.  He has already let us sleep through the night 5 times (not all in a row, but we'll take it!!!).  He is starting to smile now and is just so peaceful.  We praise the Lord for His goodness.  Siena and Sammy LOVE their new brother too!  We have yet to see any hints of jealousy.  This is another amazing praise.
We are curious as to whom you think Asher looks like.  Does he look like mom or dad, grandma or grandpa?  I think that he has the Italian coloring, but he looks just like his Papa Paul.  But, the jury is still out.  
We love you all and can't wait to introduce this little treasure to you someday soon!

This is the Asher LOOK! (Above)

Now that's the VanDruff nose, isn't it?

OK, enough already, Mom!!!