Sunday, September 21, 2008

Meet "Bean"

Hello dearest ones,

We wanted to update you on our exciting news, if you haven't already heard, and introduce you to our third child, "Bean" Testa (Right now he/she looks like a bean, so it's appropriate).

Nikki's first reaction was to cry, while Anthony was leaping for joy INSIDE.  He didn't want to express his enthusiasm since Nik was feeling so upset about it.  But, now that we are past the first trimester (about 15 weeks along) we are getting used to the idea of adding another little blessing to our household.  Siena and Sammy are both thrilled (well Sammy has no idea what's going on, but he points to Nik's tummy and says "Baby").  Siena calls the baby Lexi...why we have no idea.  I don't think we even know a Lexi, but it's cute!  She also says that she wants a "Siena and a Sammy."  Thank goodness it isn't two!!!
This time we are going to wait to find out the sex, and the names that we chose are also going to remain a secret.  Sorry!  You all are just going to have to wait.  Guaranteed, we will surprise you, although you can guess that it will be something Italian.  We are accepting suggestions.
We are actually considering the possibility of having this baby at home.  The Lord led us to a clinic of obstetrical nurses who offer a home-birthing "midwife" service.  We had never even considered the possibility before, but for some ODD reason it sounded quite appealing in light of the Italian sanitary system.  The hospitals are HUGE and the service is not very personal.  Not to mention, they keep you prisoner for three long days eating terrible hospital soup.  Who could refuse the possibility of being in your own bed, eating your mom's amazing cooking and being with your family?  
Please pray for us as we make this difficult decision.  We don't want to take any unnecessary risks, but we are trusting that God will let us know the right thing to do.