Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Special Gifts

One thing's for certain, kids are a blessing from the Lord! They teach you how to laugh...a lot! They teach you humility with their constant demands and "poopies". They teach you the beauty that can be found in the little things, like a gelato, a "buddafly", a tickle war, "helpin mom" with the dinner or the cleaning, building a tower with leggos, going pee pee in the toilet, and so many other daily successes and discoveries...
but MOST of all each and every smile.
I never thought being a mom could be so much fun! And I never realized how much my mom did for me...until now! Holy cow!
I have the blessing of staying home with my kids and I still can't keep up with everything. How did you always keep the house clean, mom? Having two so close together is a challenge, but I wouldn't change it for the world.
Siena LOVES her little brother and he is enamored with her! I only wish we could have all of our loved ones near. So here are a few photos to keep you updated on the two most prescious gifts in our lives.

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