Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Refreshing Ourselves

We are all busy, right! We all need to take a break and enjoy each other and Jesus. Here are some pictures of recent moments where we as a family have said "NO" to many other things and just enjoyed time together. Hope this encourages you and let's you see a window into what we do between openings at Il Rifugio, Alla Scoperta, E4, Worship Services (culto in italian), endless dinners, evangelism & discipleship one on one, English clubs & Short Term Mission Trips...did I forget anything??? (Like learning the language & the culture still!)

Hiking trip in the mountains on today, Italy's labor day.

Day alone as a staff to picnic, play bocce, hike & celebrate Janice's birthday.

Day & a half trip to visit with Davide, Anna & Caterina at the seaside.

Well, speaking of being refreshed, I gotta go steal a few moments with Jesus while the kids sleep!

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