Thursday, May 24, 2007


Quick note, we began English Clubs on Tuesday. They are going to last for two weeks. Please pray for the health of all those involved (each of our missionary families has at least one person sick--Sammy is under attack too.)

Please pray for our sensitivity to the Spirit to lead us in conversations, appointments and our boldness to share God's message as we should!

Please pray for unity amongst our team & joy amidst challenges. The students and graduates (pictured here: beginner team, intermediate team & advanced team) are from Texas and Florida. They are amazed at just how spiritually dark this city is!

Please pray for the students that are coming to the clubs--71 signed up! (pictures of the advanced level students that I am helping teach). Pray that God would draw their hearts and that they would have eyes to see his power and love in us! (Picture #1,from left to right--marcos, svemi, fallon, craig, sverdi, mighena, paola, carola. Picture #2, anthony, isabella, sara, nikki)

Finally, please pray for us. Candace Santaferraro, a good friend of ours, is coming to live with us thru till August 2nd. She is coming to help Nikki out with the kids, learn Italian and serve the students as a missionary. Pray for our unity, chances to sharpen each other and that God would touch her heart deeply for Italians!

We love you and wish you were here!

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