Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trip to Amsterdam

Our trip to Amsterdam was a whirlwind (symbolically and physically with some crazy winter winds and snow).  We started the trip by knowingly forgetting our passports, thinking that our Italian identity cards would be sufficient to travel within the EU.  But, we found out the hard way that one should ALWAYS take their passport with them when traveling anywhere!  We drove two hours to the airport, parked our car off-sight and took a shuttle to the airport, and then had to turn around and catch the shuttle back to our car and drive back another two hours to home.  

Before we had left home, Anthony and our colleague Paul sprayed down our bedroom walls with bleach to kill the black mold that had taken over.  So, we had to kick out our roommate, Candice, to the couch and sleep in the guest room that night.  We woke up at 3:30am, woke the kids up at 4:00am and drove back to the airport another two hours to catch a 7:15am flight.  It was a nightmare!  And, not to mention, it cost us 150 euro more and Siena had a 100 degree fever the whole time.  Needless to say, we will never do that again.

Once we got to Amsterdam, we met Candy, Anthony's second cousin, and went to The Hague to visit them for the day and spend one night together.  It was a joy to be with Ken and Candy in their beautiful home.  Unfortunately, we didn't get any photos, probably from our total fatigue!  Siena continued to have a fever and was struggling to sleep because of the nightmares she was having.  Anthony got to visit the Tribune with Candy to see Ken in action during a trial at the United Nations for the Bosnian War Criminal trials.  It was quite an experience!  Then, we enjoyed a wonderful Mexican dinner and some great conversations.

The next day we ventured to Amsterdam to visit our friends.  Anthony and our friend from il Rifugio attended a conference on church planting.  It was very inspiring!!!  Nik and the kids stayed with some friends who have kids.  It was an adventure staying in their basement (Dutch stairs are CRAZY narrow).  Then, finally on the last two days we spent time with Siena's best friend, Ameli.  The first day we went to a fun indoor kids' center called TunFun.  The kids had a "ton of fun".  Then, the next day, before we left, we spent some time at their home.  It was a true gift for Siena to see Ameli again, since Ameli and her family will be returning to the States this coming May.  

Here are some fun photos from our time:
Anthony and Leo (our friend from il Rifugio)

Dinner with our dear friends who are missionaries in Amsterdam

Great Amsterdam architecture...always on a slant!

Having Tons of Fun at "TunFun"
Sammy loved climbing up and sliding down again and again

Sliding down...or should we say running down

Siena and her best friend, Ameli

Ameli's bro, Gabrien

Ameli and Siena on the trampoline

As the Wiggles always say, "That's our Sam!"

Hanging out at our friends, Todd and Lindy's, home before heading back to Turin.

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Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Wow Siena and Sam are growing up so quickly! It sounds like it was a good trip for fellowhip and teaching. You're in my prayers.