Friday, October 24, 2008

Siena's a flower girl

This past Sunday, Siena was the flower girl in the wedding of our teammates and dear friends, Ben and Erin.  They have known Siena since before she was born and are regular babysitters for Siena & Sammy.  It was so much fun to be a part of the wedding and to celebrate these two precious friends on their special day.
Siena is in a very shy stage right now, so when she reached the aisle she didn't want to let go of mom's hand.  I kept trying to coach her to drop her flower pedals on the ground as she walked and to go to daddy, who was positioned at the front of the aisle.  She proceeded to take huge handfuls of pedals and dump them all out in her first four steps and then sprint for daddy.  I think she could have won the olympic 50yd dash.  It was too cute though and everyone smiled and laughed.  Here are a few photos that a friend took.

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