Monday, August 4, 2008

Big Girl Dreams & Little Boy Falls

Ladies, can you remember ever playing dress up and pretending that you were getting married?  Seeing Siena play bride brings back a flood of memories for me.  Every time I see her, I wonder what it will be like to see her all dressed up one day at her own wedding.  They tell me that before I know it that day will come upon me and I will wonder where all the time went.  So, for now, I will relish these moments.  Typically she wants to marry her daddy, mommy or Sammy, so we're safe for now.

Sammy, on the other hand is totally into cars and balls.  He calls cars, "Vvvvmmm" and balls "Ba!"  There is no such thing as walking in Sammy's world.  It's either a full out run or nothing.  And, more often then I would like, the nothing means that he has once again fallen and smacked the ground.  (Although, our recent trip to the E.R. was a result of Siena pushing Sammy in frustration and he smacked his head on a drawer.  It's cool though, they don't do stitches anymore.  Instead, they use glue and it is really quick.  I think we were in and out of the E.R. and back to our car in about 10 minutes.  Not bad!  We will give these Italians some credit!)

Action is the name of his game for Sammy.  Verbal skills...well,we are still waiting.  But, he has successfully named almost everything he says with a double consonant.  Here's the list:
Baba- his blankey with a doggy head on it that he doesn't sleep without
Gaga- water (could be for aqua in italian)
Mama- that's easy
Dada- easy too
Nena- Siena
No no- yep, he learned that one early from his big sister
OK- We like this one!!!
Uh-oh- of course, most of the time he throws something off the table and then says uh-oh
Baba- also stands for banana
And he has a few single consonant words: Up, dow, ba, go and wow (he usually says this when a loud or fast car goes by)

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