Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Little Break

If you read through our blog, it seems that we are always taking a vacation. The truth is that we try to get away every now and again for a weekend just to keep ourselves sane. This has been a very trying season, especially with all of our illnesses. As I wrote before, Anthony has been sick seven times since September. We were really feeling the weight of it and so we asked our close friends, Davide and Anna, if we could use their mountain home for a couple of days. They are always so kind to always offer us their homes at the beach and in the mountains. We don't know what we would do without them! Anthony went up on a Tuesday for three days of solitude in order to pray and plan for this next year of ministry. Then, Nikki and the kids joined him on Thursday evening for a couple of days of fun in the snow.
We had a wonderful time together!!! Siena loved building snow men (of which we have not even one picture because a kid kept coming and destroying them). We did some hiking with our snowshoes and we put the kids in their backpacks. On Saturday, Davide, Anna and Caterina came up and we did a little hiking with them and enjoyed a wonderful homemade pizza dinner made in the convection oven (it actually worked and tasted really good!). It was glorious! Here are some pictures of our time and a fun little video of Sammy walking. Enjoy!

Sammy pours it on.......

Sammy and Siena in the family room of Davide and Anna's Mountain apartment

Anthony's faces never cease to amaze us!

Hiking with the kids on a beautiful, sunny day!

The kids love the snow!

Hiking with Davide, Anna and Caterina from Clavier (Italy) to the ski slopes of Monginevro (in France)

Sammy discovered the kitchen drawers. We finally got incentive to put on our childproof locks on the doors and drawers. What a ham!

Here's Sammy walking for those of you who asked.

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