Monday, November 5, 2007

Genova and Family Day

Hey everyone! Another month has come and gone already. Sammy is now nine months old. He has four teeth and it cutting more all the time. He is standing on his own now for 20-30 seconds and taking steps with help. He will be walking in no time. He is also VERY active. We already had our first emergency room visit with him the other night, which was bound to happen sooner or later. He cut his lip open on a chair that he was holding onto for balance. He didn't have to get stitches though, thank the Lord!
These are some pictures of our trip with the American English Club students to Genova and some pictures of our latest family day. We finally got Siena to say "Cheese" and smile for the camera!

Sammy Smiles!

Siena loves her brother...

he's not so sure about her expression though!

Siena wants to be like mommy!

Who does the kid look like? We think like mommy...what do you think?

Siena is absorbed in the movie, as usual. Sammy thinks it's cool. And we are enjoying how funny you look!!!!!!

Ready, set, go............

Too cute!

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Nancy Testa said...

Wonderful-thanks for the pics-will add them to iphoto on computer when I get home tonight from school.