Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In the Mountains

Siena loves the mountains. She can't wait to "go hiking" and "climbing". So when we decided to join Davide and Anna & their 9 month old daughter at their summer home on the French border, Siena squealed with delight. She loved every minute of the time.

Claviere boasts some great playgrounds. Siena is particularly fascinated with the climbing features of the parks. Even Sammy is starting to swing around. He is so active!

We took one hike. Sammy loved it and Siena wanted to see every flower possible. She had several bouquets of flowers by the end of our date together.

After the flood, we didn't have much in terms of funding for a vacation, but God provided thru Davide and Anna. They are amazing hosts. We had a chance to encourage one another in parenting and pressing into Jesus.

Please continue to pray for us. We want to constantly grow as parents and in how to push Davide, Anna & Caterina to love Jesus more!

PS Did we mention that Sammy is eating solids, at least 33% goes in the mouth.

PPS Did we mention that Anthony went prematurely bald?

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